Accurate and reliable business valuations at the click of a button.

This is my toast

Mltpl valuation reports are…


Automated data driven analysis produces business valuation reports in minutes.


Rigorously tested to prove consistent outperformance of other commonly adopted valuation methods.


Robust design ensures results are consistently reproducible, time and time again.

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AI Driven

Mltpl is a revolutionary new way to perform business valuations. We employ comprehensive consulting experience across a wide range of contexts, adopting artificial intelligence technologies to deliver agile and accurate valuation reports.

Why Mltpl

Mltpl Valuation Reports

Clear, concise, and accurate business valuation reports. Whether you are a valuation professional, forensic accountant, corporate financier, legal professional or shareholder in a business, Mltpl gives you the ability to instantaneously understand the value of a private business.
From supplementary analysis that complements your own extensive research, to quick indications when budget doesn’t allow for forensic examination, or the answer generated in a taxi on the way to a client meeting. However you need to use Mltpl, the answer is at the click of a button.

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