Mltpl+ Analysis

Valuation analysis is hard, let Mltpl+ lend a hand.

  • Mltpl+ Analysis gives valuation professionals, forensic accountants, corporate financiers, and everyone in between, the power of Mltpl at their finger tips. Mltpl+ allows you to focus on what matters most and takes away the analytical heavy lifting. Mltpl+ Analysis provide simple, intuitive standalone analysis that clearly identifies the relevant factors when estimating valuation multiples for your subject company.
  • From supplementary analysis that complements your own extensive research, to quick indications when budget doesn’t allow for forensic examination, or the answer generated in a taxi on the way to a client meeting. However you need to use Mltpl+ Analysis, the answer is there.
  • By its very nature, Mltpl technology allows for it to be tested empirically against known valuation data in a way that simply isn’t possible with existing valuation methods. And the results are great. Mltpl consistently outperform other methods commonly adopted by other valuation professionals.
  • Mltpl+ allows for bespoke output to be tailored to your specific team requirements. Need a distribution of valuation multiple by size? No problem. A Table of your identified comparables? It’s there.