Mltpl Valuation Reports

Accurate valuation reports in minutes. Not months.

  • At the click of a button, accurate and reliable valuation reports can be generated, reports that rely on the best of valuation theory, industry best practice, and cutting edge AI and Machine Learning techniques.
  • Mltpl Valuation Reports are delivered instantaneously in a clear and concise format, giving you the valuation parameters from day one and allowing you to get on with the jobs that are most important to you, from advising your clients, cracking that negotiation, or estimating a tax liability.
  • Mltpl makes it easy to enter the relevant information for performing its analysis. Better still, users can generate secure links to share with their accountants or financial advisors to enter the information on their behalf. Still unsure? Upload the financial statements and let the Mltpl team lend a helping hand by entering the information for you.
  • By its very nature, Mltpl technology allows for it to be tested empirically against known valuation data in a way that simply isn’t possible with existing valuation methods. And the results are great. Mltpl consistently outperforms other methods commonly adopted by valuation professionals.