Why Mltpl

Valuations done better.

  • Mltpl incorporates advanced and innovative solutions that build on valuation best practice and leverage the power of AI and Machine Learning to analyse vast amounts of financial data at the click of a button. Mltpl empowers anyone and everyone from day one with the confidence that comes from knowing the answer.
  • Mltpl has been built from the ground up with its users in mind. Gone are the days of deep dives into financial statements. If you have a set of accounts, then you have enough information to get started with Mltpl, all you need to do is follow Mltpl’s intuitive step by step guide to generate a valuation report in minutes. And the Mltpl team is always on hand to assist in any way you need.
  • Say good bye to expensive delays, Mltpl generates valuation reports in minutes. Not months. Better still, Mltpl is robust by design. That means that its results are reproducible, time and time again, ensuring transparent consistency in output.
  • By its very nature, Mltpl technology allows for it to be tested empirically against known valuation data in a way that simply isn’t possible with existing valuation methods. And the results are great. Mltpl consistently outperforms other methods commonly adopted by other valuation professionals.